Our Mission

Brēz was born of a singular purpose -- to create more opportunities for daily wellness by revolutionizing the way cannabinoids are introduced into the body. Our custom inhalers deliver precise doses of high quality CBD, without any of the additives commonly used in other products. We seek to improve our customer’s lives with premium products that are discreet and easy-to-use, anywhere. With Brēz, high quality CBD is only a breath away.

Company Info

Brēz is the brainchild of two highly respected veterans of the pharmaceutical industry, each with more than 40+ years experience with both branded and generic products. Having seen many of the CBD products on the market either not deliver what they claimed, or delivering a lot of potentially dangerous ingredients with the cannabinoids, they saw an opportunity to elevate the CBD experience. Drawing on their experience developing pharmaceutical inhalation products and years of patent litigation, they got to work on patenting the technology and formulation behind the Brēz Inhalers. Now, in addition to two issued patents with several others pending, the company develops and manufactures high quality CBD products in its state-of-the-art pharmaceutical facility. Thanks to that experience, equipment, and quality mindset, Brēz Inhalers deliver the cleanest and most consistent doses of high quality CBD isolate available on the market today.