Pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers (pMDIs) have been around for many years in the pharmaceutical industry and are easily recognized by both doctors and consumers. They provide an extremely precise and effective method of delivering a target substance into a person’s bloodstream, by avoiding what’s known as “first pass metabolism” through the stomach and other digestive organs.

The delivered material (CBD, in the case of the Brēz Inhaler), is contained inside a metal canister, along with pharmaceutical grade propellant and ethanol, and the canister sits inside of a plastic actuator device. When you squeeze the canister into the actuator, the CBD is propelled out of the canister by the propellant, which immediately evaporates along with the ethanol. When combined with a deep breath, the CBD is carried deep into the lungs, where it can be directly absorbed into your body.


When we release a product to the public, we don’t just “think” that it works because of the technology behind it, we know for sure. A Pressurized Metered Dose Inhaler (pMDI) is a very complicated and sophisticated delivery system, and it requires making a quality formulation and choosing the right components. Many companies throw all of these things together and call it an “inhaler” without doing any testing to actually prove that.

The Brēz Inhaler, on the other hand, is put through the same testing procedures that are required by the FDA for pharmaceutical products (like asthma inhalers). This testing requires expensive and highly specialized equipment to test things like purity, potency, particle size distribution, dose content uniformity, spray pattern, and plume geometry. Unless it meets all of the performance criteria expected from a true pMDI, we won’t release it. Period.

Other products may have a fancy package or actuator to give off the impression of a product that works. However, when evaluating any product that claims to be a CBD Inhaler, always look at what testing has been done on that product. One key test you should always see is cascade impaction to test the particle size distribution. This is the test that tells you what the “respirable fraction” of that product is, which means how much of the active ingredient is actually reaching the lower regions of the lung. Unless the product has a demonstrated high respirable fraction, it’s nothing more than a fancy oral spray that you end up swallowing. Remember, just because an inhaler product comes with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) doesn’t mean that it works!

All Brēz Inhalers are manufactured under cGMP conditions (current Good Manufacturing Practices) and tested using pharmaceutical methods and equipment. Quality control is of utmost importance, and cutting corners is never an option. Certificates of Analysis and testing results are available upon request.